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 Fluorocarbon for hooklinks

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PostSubject: Fluorocarbon for hooklinks   Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:09 am

i'm looking at trying flourocarbon hooklinks and was hoping for some recommendations, as to which would be the best to use.

I hear good things about ESP Ghost, has anyone used this, it comes in 15lb as it heaviest breaking strain, but i'm off to France in September and i'm not sure if 15lb will do the job, do i need heavier and thus ruling ESP Ghost out.

I have always used Kryston Mantis 25lb b/s in France, will I need the same b/s for fluorocarbon??
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PostSubject: Re: Fluorocarbon for hooklinks   Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:03 am

depends on the snags..if any? my biggest fish in france went 65lbs and i had that on kryston icognito 13lbs..ive also had numerous 40s out there on 10lbs flurocarbon! if theres weed about dont use the soft fluro as it wont take it.. as ghost is quite cheap i would take a few spools of different strains,to see what suits it best,,i do reccomend that if you use a heavy strain fluro,that you fish it d-rig style, as if you no knot it the hair wont be very subtle.. my m8 john has had a 65lbs and a 71lbs common,on guess what? 15-18lbs "diawa sensor clear" as a hooklength i should know as i always tie em up for him! infact i gotta do sum for him this week..oh and by the way,some are just no knotted and some i whip on a subtle braided hair..he catch's on both..so definately tell us where you are going, and what you know about the place,some weeds out there appear to have tiny abbrasive nodules on em,which have cut my 25lbs leaders before!!,i was out last week for a few days and theres a lot of that milfoil about in the lakes in france at the moment, the floating stuff! my m8 paul has 2 lakes out there and im often helping out doing the work parties, and in the 8 years i been doing it ive managed to learn quite a bit about fishery management,the latest thing is a dye to put in the lake to stop the sun getting through,these dyes are blue in colour and turn the whole lake blue!! however we found out on last weeks trip there is another one being developed which is a more nutruel colour,
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Fluorocarbon for hooklinks
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